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Quick Tip: How to Remove Water Spots from Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are widely known for their brilliant shine, but can also be difficult to keep clean. In addition, not using the proper technique can damage the delicate finish of the stainless steel. If you’ve ever wondered how to remove those pesky water spots and fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances without harming the delicate finish; look no further.

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning stainless steel is to not scrub in the opposite direction of the stainless steel grains. Next, you will need a delicate cloth material to use to gently clean the stainless steel appliance. You can use materials such as linen free cloths, paper towels, or surprisingly, even cut up T-shirts. Choose a material that is high in cotton as these will leave little residue. Avoid using abrasive materials that could harm the finish of the stainless steel such as scrubbing pads, and rough dish sponges. You can then use several techniques and cleaning supplies to remove fingerprints and water spots. A small amount of dish soap on one of your cleaning cloths will go a long way to remove dirt, oils and grease from the appliances. Remember to wipe in the same direction as the grain and then wipe off any excess dish soap from the stainless steel with a separate lightly damp cloth. The stainless steel should dry to a brand new shine. Another favorite cleaning material is regular white vinegar. The white vinegar can either be poured directly on your cleaning cloth, or you may pour the white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it directly on your appliance in small areas wiping along the grain as you go. Once again, the finish should dry to a sparkle, but you may need to give some of the tougher areas a second cleaning.

There are a few popular brands of cleaning supplies that can also be used, but remember to check the product for materials it can be used on. Some popular window cleaning products can be used effectively to remove fingerprints and water spots from stainless steel appliances. In addition there are several products marketed as specifically for the cleaning of stainless steel appliances. It is up to you to decide your preferred method of cleaning. Oftentimes, the simplest of methods and a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way and keep your stainless steel appliances looking new.

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5 Habits for a Cleaner Home!



It is scientifically proven that people who sit in clean, organized environments tend to feel calmer and generally more at peace than people who baste in clutter and disorganization. Doctors have literally proven that something as simple as cleaning your kitchen can provide a sense of peace to the inhabitants of the home. I’ll be the first to admit that having a perfectly clean home is not always the easiest task to achieve, yet, with a few changes in habit, you will literally be able to easily keep your house nearly spotless while never spending more than 10 minutes of cleaning any room at any one time. Isn’t greatly increasing the quality of your life something that you deserve? Here are five habits you can easily implement for a cleaner home.

Do your laundry, one load at a time

Take the time to wash at least one load of laundry per day. Depending on how many people you live with, something as simple as going a short time without doing laundry will eventually leave you swamped with multiple baskets of dirty laundry that will take hours to handle if you save your laundry to be washed once a week. Best to take the edge off a potentially disastrous situation by washing the quick load of laundry at your nearest convenience. Every little bit helps.

Own several, portable, cordless, full-sized vacuum cleaners

When you have a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner conveniently located near high traffic rooms in your house, something like picking up a vacuum to clean a high traffic rug or carpet becomes a two-minute task, saving your self and your house a world of future filth.

Tidy up nightly

It is important that you address issues as they arise because as effortless as it is to clutter your home is as easy as it is to clean your home, when done passively and periodically throughout the day. Keep in mind that simple things like folding away blankets or cleaning left over dishes in the sink, or that left over clutter on your coffee table gives you one less responsibility for tomorrow.

Take off your shoes

You work eight hours a day, five days a week so that you can provide a beautiful home for your family, don’t you think it’s a little counterproductive to put your rugs at danger of being ruined with the dirt, grass, moisture and soil that you/your family and loved ones will inevitably track into your carpets while wearing shoes? Make sure that your family and friends take their shoes off before they enter your house if the life expectancy of your rugs is at all an issue.

Wipe down all sinks

One of the smartest and effective ways one can implement to quickly improve the cleanliness of their home is wiping down their bathroom sinks daily with a simple disinfectant. Even something as simple as a Lysol disinfectant wipe on key places of your bathroom passively, as small messes are made can work wonders to prevent common bathroom buildups, like globs of toothpaste or makeup spills on sinks.


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Best Advice on Cleaning your Home Before Christmas – Tips to make it go quicker and better

Cleaning the home for the holidays is going to be a very important thing for many people that may have visitors coming for the holidays. This process of cleaning may be easy for some, but it is difficult for others. There are some quick tips that all homeowners can use when they want to clean their homes in a timely manner.

The biggest thing that you will want to do is start throwing away the things that you do not need. This is usually the biggest hindrance to cleaning during the holidays. There are many things that people own that they do not use or want anymore. It is better to discover the things that are taking up space in closets and the garage and get rid of these things first. That is what is going to make it easier to store other things in the home when you want to clear the clutter.

The next thing that you will have to do is get your carpet cleaned. This will require some sweeping of the carpet and a removal of all the small things that can get caught in a vacuum cleaner. Homeowners can rent a carpet cleaner, but most of the time it is going to be easier to just hire a company to come in.

Sometimes the cleaning process can be easier if you re-position things. Moving all like items to the same place can be very effective. All books and clothing items can be moved to the same place. Moving all paperwork into a common area can also be effective. These are the things that makes the cleaning process easier.

Lastly, it is going to be important to mop first when you make the decision to clean the kitchen and bathroom areas. There is nothing worse when half-cleaning. If you are having guests it makes no sense to clean the counter and leave the floor a mess. This type of shortcut isn’t going to save you any time. You will eventually just have to go back and do this later. It is going to make a lot more sense to clean an entire bathroom before moving on to another one. Start with the smaller rooms first than move to the larger rooms. You will be a lot more motivated to clean the larger rooms when you have accomplished the goal of cleaning the smaller rooms first.

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5 Habits for a Cleaner Home


Some families think that keeping a home with children, parents and pets clean is a pipe dream. That isn’t so. Many families are able to keep their homes clean every day. But it takes planning, commitment and teamwork. The following are 5 steps any family can take that will leave their home looking good every day no matter how many people and pets live there.Manage ClutterClutter is the enemy of a clean home. It makes cleaning up difficult and time consuming. Eliminating clutter immediately makes a home look cleaner and makes it easier to clean. One simple way to manage clutter is to have a cardboard box stashed in the garage or a closet into which items that are no longer needed are placed. When the box is full it can be given to an organization that gives them to the less fortunate.

Clean Messes Right Away

Messes happen in every home, even clean ones. The major difference is that in clean homes those messes are cleaned up right away. It’s a lot easier to clean up spills as soon as they occur and not let them dry and stick to counters, tabletops and floors. This keeps the place looking clean and eliminates the need to have to soak the area and use cleaning products and lots of elbow grease later.

Leave Shoes At The Door

People’s shoes can bring lots of dirt, mud, snow, leaves and other types of trash into a home. They can also track in E.coli and other bacteria that can contaminate the house. This can be particularly dangerous when there are toddlers crawling and rolling on the floor. Simply taking shoes off as soon as you walk in the door you can keep your house cleaner and protect your loved ones.

Do A Load Each Day

Dirty clothes and dishes can pile up quickly and make your home look messy. If you get in the habit of washing the dishes and doing a load of laundry once a day it will keep the home looking much cleaner that if you let it pile up until the weekend.  More Info: http://cefloorcare.com/

Have The Entire Family Help

When the whole family works together it’s a lot easier to keep your home clean. When adults clean up after themselves and teach their children to do the same thing then it becomes a lot easier to keep the house clean.

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10 Things You Should Clean in your Home Before Christmas Arrives



Christmas is just around the corner guys. Which means that you need to start cleaning up your home. We are not talking about just some simple dusting and you are done. No. We are talking about doing some major cleaning. Below you will find a list of 10 spots that you need to attend to before putting up the tree and awaiting Christmas time, as well as your guests.

1) Time to remove the clutter. Is there a room where you pile everything up? Everyone has one? Clean it out. You will need the space for the holidays. (Flooring Help)

2) Do those pesky house repairs. You will probably have certain areas which need tweaking. Leaky faucet? Leaky pipes? Take the time to clean it out and have it fixed. Your home will run much more smoothly during the holidays if you do.

3) You will need to have your home childproofed. You will probably have guests with small children at some point. Remove all hazardous chemicals and unknowns.

4) Are you going to have some guests stay over? Many of you probably will. How long has it been since you used the spare room? It’s time to have it cleaned out. Clean it out from top to bottom. If you have time to decorate it, then do so. Your best bet is to get it cleaned up, so that it looks like an actual spare room.

5) Do some of the main cooking ahead of time. Which means you will have to clean up some of your cooking equipment ahead of time. It’s going to save you lots of time, trust us. Do you really want to spend your holidays in the kitchen, instead of with your guests and friends?

6) Clean your windows. Use a squeegee. It’s going to be your best tool for fighting off the grim. Clean left to right and top to bottom.

7) Time to clean the gutters. Yes, this is usually a fall task. However, with the holidays approaching, you can’t really take any chances. You will want to have clean pipes and water, especially for those of you intending to have house guests.

8) Tend to your lawn. You want your lawn to look pretty for the holidays, right? Well it’s time to pretty it up.

9) Drain the outside faucets and sewage areas. This will cause less of a fuss later on.

10) Time to get your heating system up and running. If it already is, you need to make sure it’s working properly. The holidays are going to bring cold weather. Your guests will thank you for it later.


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5 Things You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is not a luxury. It is an important part of owning carpets. Without it, homes are left with only vacuuming, which is like sweeping your hardwood and tile floors and never mopping them. When it comes time to decide if you want your carpets professionally cleaned, here are five things you must know.

Cleaner Carpets Mean a Healthier Family

Carpets are subject to spills, feet and pets every day, yet families come into intimate contact with them regularly. Babies crawl around and parents sit with their children on carpets. Up to 90% of people even confess to eating food they’ve dropped on their carpet. It is not fun to imagine what germs can lurk deep in the fibers of carpets, including allergens that can trigger stuffy noses or worse. Thankfully, a professional cleaning disinfects, removes stains and deep cleans to reduce the presence of allergens.

Cleaning Helps Carpets Last Longer

Cleaning at least once a year helps prevent carpeting problems, such as mold and staining, from happening. Your carpets will still be prone to the usual wear and tear, but that too can be prevented. Put down area rugs in high traffic areas, and rearrange your furniture periodically. Your carpet won’t last as long as the Pazyryk carpet, which is the oldest in the world at 2,000 years in age, but you will get your money’s worth from your carpet by keeping it cleaner.

Proper Cleaning Makes Your Home’s Air Quality Better

Inefficient cleaning can stir up all of the dust mites, fur and bacteria hiding in your carpet. This is why so many people with allergies sneeze when they vacuum or sweep carpet. Professional cleaning involves moisture and strong suction. It pulls the contaminants out of the carpet without releasing them into the air.

Carpets Can Store Up to Four Times Their Weight in Dirt

Carpets are exceptionally good at trapping dirt that even regularly vacuuming cannot reach. At a certain point, it’s not much different from sitting on the ground outside. Regular professional cleaning prevents this build-up from happening. A few ways to prevent it between cleanings is to wipe your pets’ feet, remove shoes before entering carpeted areas and vacuum heavily trafficked areas about twice a week. Vacuum all carpet at least once a week.

Professional Cleaning Will Make Your Carpet Look Brighter

One thing that dirt does a really good job of is discoloring everything it touches. This is even true for the specks of dirt you can’t really see in your carpet. Light dust and dirt can dull the color of your carpet, making it look darker, duller or older than it is. Professional cleaning can make your carpet brighter by removing the particles that are making the color dingy.

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Indoor Air Quality: The Trouble With Carpeting


A consultation will explain some of the problems with carpeting. Mildew and dandruff could adversely affect the carpeting in a home. Indoor air quality may be affected as part of the arrangement. Pets can complicate matters, since their fur gets matted with the carpet fabric. There are cleaning techniques that make it possible to improve carpet quality. A cleaning team should go to a family house to inspect the property. Restoration options now affect the indoor air quality procedures. Carpeting is put in to effect as part of the initial project for people interested.

Identify Team Location In The Area

Many companies will base their businesses out of a distinct location. Carpeting services are introduced as part of a new arrangement. Air quality is perhaps the biggest attribute given to new professionals. They need to help their local community to improve its appearance. Indoor air quality has minimized the different features of carpeting services.

Air services are imposed as part of a special arrangement. These carpeting services are arranged in ways that appeal to new buyers. Indoor air may decline in quality over time, affecting the standards faced by members. Carpeting is a worthwhile investment that takes time to develop.

Advanced Techniques For Services

Commercial businesses will use trade secrets to achieve lasting results. Air quality services are imposed as part of new arrangements. Steam cleaning or vacuuming may remove particles from the carpet. People are working to identify carpet cleaning techniques that simply work.

A restoration is an intensive effort that is surprisingly demanding. Indoor air quality is a leading problem that may affect these service providers. Rug cleaners have now identified these services as part of a new arrangement. Green technology is gentle on environmental standards faced by locations.

Request Important Service Options

Mobile websites have made it easier to connect with businesses. Local owners are perhaps the best possible asset for customers. Indoor air quality is a major health hazard that could impose diseases. Carpeting can be removed, but cleaning the fabric adds years to its longevity. Experts are working to introduce new standards for cleaning options.

Steam cleaning is a new option that minimizes the importance of indoor air quality. It should make it entirely possible to follow services imposed for carpeting. Carpet Cleaning Academy will even explain some of the important aspects of these services. Air quality options are essential to maintaining the standards of select business options.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Every 6-12 Months, a great decision that you should make in regard to your carpet is to have it cleaned by a professional. Your ability to keep your carpet cleaning, and looking brand-new, has a lot to do with how consistent you are about vacuuming and shampooing your carpet on a regular basis. If you let this go for a couple of years, you will notice that your carpet will suffer, with high traffic areas getting darker every day. Here are five reasons that you should always utilize the services of a professional carpet cleaner in order to keep your carpet looking better for many years.

Professionals often offer low prices for first-time customers, so if you have not used a service in your community before, you can actually save a lot of money. The cost is depends upon the size of your home, and this initial savings can be substantial, especially if you have 2000 square feet or more. You can also get promo codes for these businesses online, allowing you to get the best possible service for less. You can even find coupons in the local newspaper for companies that are offering these services, making it very easy for you to use a professional for a reasonable price.

Five Reasons To Use One: https://www.carpet-rug.org/

If you’re thinking about why you need a professional, the easiest thing you can do is consider a five top reasons that people utilize their services. The reasons usually come down to quality work, top-of-the-line equipment, the latest chemicals and cleansers, saving you time, and also saving you money. It’s all of these reasons, or even some of them, make sense to you, you should consider contacting a professional carpet cleaner in your community to do your carpets this week.

5 Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Carpet And Stains


When you are about to clean your carpet using your steam cleaner that you purchased several years ago, you might want to think about using something different, especially if your carpet has started to look less resilient over the last few years. You might want to consider using one of these five carpet cleaning methods that include home remedies that you can use as well as why you should use a professional depending upon the state of your carpet today.


Three Tips For Cleaning Stains In Your Carpet


There are three particular products that you can use that can help you reduce the number of stains in your carpet, products that you more than likely have sitting in your cupboards. The first is baking soda which can be used for eliminating stains, especially those caused by pet odor. The second and third can be used in conjunction with baking soda to not only removes stains but eliminate odors at the same time. This includes vinegar and hydrogen peroxide that can help lift out the stains and eliminate the odor at the same time.


Two Reasons To Use A Professional Carpet Cleaner


There are two specific reasons you should use a carpet cleaner that is a professional. The first is that it have years of experience which can help them use their expertise for getting out even the toughest traffic areas and stains in your carpet. The second is that they will be able to use the best equipment and liquid solutions to help remove stains better than anything you can purchase at the store today. If you have a significant amount of stains in your carpet, you need to use a professional to ensure that your carpet looks as good as it can using their expertise.

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A Guide To Handling Food Cleanup In A Sanitary Way



You want to keep your surfaces sanitized and prompt food cleanup is necessary to prevent cross contamination. On the flip side, you never want to use harsh chemicals. Furthermore, you have to think about what surfaces you are cleaning as well. You want to clean them thoroughly, and when you lay out new food on the surface, you do not want it to become contaminated.


Take vegetables for instance. When you are going to cook some vegetables, understand that they have been farmed, some of them even under the ground. So, you definitely want to wash all vegetables before you begin to prepare them, and you want to sanitize all surfaces afterward.


When working at a restaurant and handling food cleanup, there are going to be even stricter procedures than if you were at home. One thing that people don’t often think about when it comes to food cleanup is indoor air quality. This is important in your home, as any moisture or contaminated air can cause you major issues.


Microorganisms can easily grow and spread, and you don’t want bacteria starting a harvest on your food. If you’re cleaning up food off the floor, you have to treat this surface as if it were the kitchen counter. If you’re cleaning up the food off the kitchen counter, and there is food to be stored, storing the food properly is part of cleanup.


Proper food cleanup helps prevent not only cross contamination and disease, but it also prevents waste. You don’t want to waste any food if you can help it. In a restaurant, this can affect the bottom line when it comes to profits. Always handle food safely, and ensure that your cleanup process is thorough and does not actually cause contamination, which can bring about further health issues. Check out Carpet Cleaning Saint Augustine‘s site: http://www.orangepower.biz/

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Why Use Double Pane Windows On The House

For a lot of people when they are updating their windows they will look at the cheapest windows on the market. While this is often a good choice, people will quickly find out that the cheapest windows may not be the best option for their home. Here is some information on why people should use only the double pane windows on their home, instead of the cheaper single pane glass.

The first reason for people to use the double pane windows is these windows tend to reduce the utility bills. When the utility bills are lowered down, people will find that it is easier to afford items in their home, but also makes it easier for them to get the home heated or cooled. However, this is also going to help in removing any of the drafts that people can experience in their home.

A second reason for people to use the double pane windows is these tend to help improve the overall value of the home. While most people never think about selling their home, they need to realize opportunities may come up that makes them want to sell. When these come up, people want to have the most valuable home on the market. With the new windows people are going to get the right value for the home.

As a lot of people have found out the older windows or the single pane windows are expensive and do not provide a lot of security against the weather. This is when people should now more information on why they need to use the double pane windows on their home. Once people know about this, it is going to be easy for them to enjoy their home again because the value is increased and their utility bills are going down.


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Carpet Cleaning Sacramento CA


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Realize The Major Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

When I first moved out on my own, I remember I would constantly buy cans of foam carpet cleaner to clean spots and work on keeping the carpets clean by myself. I figured that was cheaper and that it worked just fine. I would scrub hard, and what I didn’t know was that I was ruining the carpet fibers.

Nothing is wrong with doing a little maintenance on your carpets from time to time, but what I’m trying to say is since then, I have learned the importance of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. Maintenance should be done quarterly in my opinion, so your carpets stay fresh, clean and last much longer.

The place that I own now doesn’t have carpeting, but the house I owned before did. I think that every owner should make sure their carpeting is well maintained so that they don’t have to switch it out every couple years. Any type of flooring is expensive.


I live at a resort now where the oceanfront condos do have carpeting. My ocean view is tile and hardwood. The resort owners are continuously having the carpets cleaned so that they can stick to their budget and not have to switch out the carpeting all the time.

This makes sense because they would have to dip into their budget and rearrange funds. So, it makes sense for everyone else too so that they don’t have to dip into their budgets and do the same thing. Would you rather spend a couple hundred or have to more frequently spend several thousand?

The answer is quite clear, and the benefits of professional carpet cleaning are numerous. Chiefly, you end up saving money in the long run. And, wouldn’t that be a big enough benefit?


Cleaning Service in Las Vegas has more info as well.

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new carpet


So, you decide to purchase new carpet and now you’re worried about it staying clean.  carpet is a nice addition but things spill and things stain.  you also want the right kind of carpet for your life style.  you don’t want to be buying carpet that isn’t going to last or carpet that is white but your kids spill things all the time.  think about carpet protectors as well anything that can help get those carpets protected and to help keep them in shape and clean like they need to be for those guest that you invite over every other weekend.

carpet buyer guide

carpet helps your homes value, appearance, and more.  It’s perfect for keeping your home looking and feel wonderful.  it’s tough when you have family that spills things and animals and that have accidents on the carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning Can Improve The Health Of Your Family


We all want a safe, happy home for all that inhabit it. Sometimes, this can be a little trickier to get then we realize. There’s no reason to fear though, because there are techniques in cleaning that have been proven to get the filth, and germs out of our home. Have you noticed how stinky your carpet’s gotten? Well, this can be a breading ground for germs that many people don’t realize. Here’s what you need to do if you really want a safe environment for your family.


First of all? Do you steam clean? This is a must do for every single home. Vacuuming isn’t enough because the suction on it can only pick so much up. plus, vacuuming might get rid of some germs, but it doesn’t kill them. If you want a real force to be reckoned with, then you need to combine the power of soap and water. A great way to do this is steam cleaning. Only soap can really kill the germs.


It’s always a wise idea to have your carpet professionally cleaned every so often. The professionals have cleaning equipment that can go even deeper then ours can, that’s why it’s so effective at keeping our homes germ free. Plus, when you hire a professional carpet cleaner, they can condition the rug as well. This will keep the soft look going. A good place to find local carpet cleaners is Angie’s list.


I hope you decide to maintain your carpet. I know you don’t realize it, but there are actually bugs, and maggots living in your carpet right now. A great way to get rid of them is a proper clean. Steam cleaning, and professional cleaning combined should do the trick. I hope you have lots of luck!

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How To Select A Carpet Cleaner

There are many things to look for in a carpet cleaner here are some tips and tricks

1) Are they certified technicians?  Does it say it on their website?  If so they’re knowledgeable and experienced.  http://www.cleanfax.com/

2) Do they have good Yelp, google, and BBB Reviews?  This will help you decide if they have a good honest reputation.  Some cleaners will get into your home and use the bait and switch method and charge you outrageous prices.  Stay away from these cleaners!

3) Ask them how long they have been in business?  This will help in determining their experience as well.

4) Ask them their cleaning methods?  This will let you know if they know what they’re doing or not.  If they handle this question with confidence and ease they are more than likely a great cleaner.

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Carpet Cleaning For Homeowners

Carpets need to be cleaned eventually. To thoroughly make this happen you must have a professional clean them! Check out a great page
Professional cleaners know the cleaning agents, the equipment, and how to get the job done correctly.

Professional cleaners will make carpets last longer, smell better, and improve your indoor air. Did you know that indoor air can actually be worse than outdoor air because of all the dirt and allergens trapped in your home.

It’s a proven fact that getting carpets cleaned helps. And is a must for every home with carpet. Dirt over time can actually begin to mesh together with your carpet…gross huh? Here’s a video of what carpets should look like and what a carpet cleaner does in your home.

5 Questions to ask yourself Before Hiring a Maid

We all get busy with work, meetings, school, kids, sports, and extracurricular activities. There are days where we can leave home early in the morning and not return home until after dinner time, and the last thing on your mind is cleaning. Housework is something that needs to be done on a daily basis, and sometimes there just isn’t the time in the day to do it. You may be considering hiring a maid service to help you keep up with the housework. Before you hire out, here are 5 things you should ask yourself first.

• How often do I need someone to come to my place to clean? Maids can come daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. How often they come is based on your needs. It is important you decide how often you will need extra help before you hire someone to come out.
• What areas or things do you need help cleaning? Are you looking for someone to do a whole house cleaning or are you just looking for help to keep up with weekly chores such as cleaning the bathrooms, scrubbing down the kitchen, vacuuming, and mopping. You’ll need to be specific with your expectations on what you want so both you and the maid you hire know exactly what you want.
• What are you willing to pay? The more times a maid comes and there they do the more it will cost.
• Do the maids undergo a background check before they are sent to your home or do you need to pay for one? A background check is very important. These people will be coming into your home, perhaps at times when you’re not present. If they are going to be around your precious items and given access to your house you’ll probably want them to have passed a background check so that you can have peace of mind with them in your home.
• Do you want to hire a company or an independent contractor? Both can be great options but you’ll want to explore both avenues carefully to decide which one is the best fit for you and your family.

Maid Service Omaha can offer you and your family many benefits and take the worry out of keeping your house clean so that it is always ready for the random family member or friend to stop in.

5 Strategies to Make Oriental Rugs Last Longer


Oriental rugs are made of heavy textile in oriental countries for the purpose of selling, using or exporting. These beautiful rugs have become so popular that they have spread all over the world. People use them for various purposes whether it is to provide warmth or make the floor attractive. If you have an oriental rug in a home with friends kids and pets; it is challenging to keep the rug clean and make it last longer. Here are some of the strategies you can employ if you want your rugs to stay longer.

1) Vacuuming frequently
Daily activities make it obvious that dirt and dust particles accumulate on your oriental rug. Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the dirt and the dust particles. It removes dirt that would otherwise have settled in the rug fiber. Contact us as we are always ready to vacuum your rug and make it look new each and every day.

2) Stain removal
The staining of oriental rugs in homes is inevitable. The challenge many people face is how to remove the stain when tampering with the rug. You are warned against using home remedies for stain removal as it may cause discoloration. Our professional rug cleaners can easily be reached if you need stain removal through spot cleaning.

3) Flooded rugs
You may accidentally flood your rug. For smaller rugs you can just take them out and let the sunlight dry them. Bigger rugs need vacuum cleaners and after that hair dryers. It is however better to use our technicians to wash and dry the rug for several days. This will get you the best results.

4) Cleaning the rug
Considering the fact that the Oriental rug is rich in natural lanolin; it is good not to interfere with the natural protection. It is therefore advisable to avoid moth proofing or dry cleaning. An oriental carpet sweeper is also recommended to clean the rug each week. Most of the older rugs should be hand washed or tumbled by our professional oriental rug cleaners every five years.

5) Furniture
The furniture you are using with the antique rug might be the one that’s reducing its lifespan. To prevent the crushing of the rug’s pile use furniture cups. The furniture should be moved several times to prevent it from wearing out the oriental carpet. Heavy furniture should be avoided as they may tear the rugs. You can call us and we will be glad to help you match your furniture with the antique rugs.
A good, clean oriental rug always makes the house look attractive and welcoming to visitors. Our aim is to satisfy you so we hope that you will take time and reach us to help you keep your oriental rug tidy and long-lasting.

Qualities to Look for in a Mattress


When selecting a mattress, there are four basic qualities you’ll want to look for. They’ll help you make an objective comparison of the various types of mattresses.

Springs and Coils

This is where your back gets its support from. Coils inside of spring mattresses do come in varying thicknesses. A low gauge number here means the wire is both thicker and stiffer alongside a firmer mattress. When a mattress has more coils it also means it’s of better quality.


Padding is found in the top of the cushion. You want comfortable padding regardless of whether they’re made from polyurethane foam, polyester, or cotton as these are more personal choices. When you find a mattress with extensive padding, you’ve not only found one that’s more comfortable, but that’s also of a higher quality than other mattresses. Comfort is of great importance here because you want a mattress that accommodates your sleeping position. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose the right padding based on how you sleep. For instance, if you sleep on your side, you’ll need more padding while those who sleep on their stomach need a firmer padding and those who sleep on their back needs medium-firm padding.

The Box Spring

A box spring’s main job is to provide your mattress, and hence you, with more support. In this way, you can think of a box spring as your mattress’ foundation. These are made out of wood or metal and springs. If you choose a wooden frame, your mattress will feel much firmer than with a metal frame. However, when buying a wooden frame, it is important you make sure there are no cracks in it or warping to it (it must look straight). You should buy a mattress, box spring set so you’re more comfortable and your cushion is preserved.


Considering you’ll use this mattress for at least the next 10 years, you want to make sure it’s durable and that it will provide you with enough comfort and support to last you throughout the years. Of course, all of this depends on the type and quality of materials used and how the mattress itself is constructed.

Even with all these various things in mind, you will still need to take your own personal preferences into consideration. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that your new mattress will fit well within your budget.

8 Tips For Choosing The Right Carpets For Your Home

If you want to know that your home will look great once the carpets have been put in, then you will want to choose the best carpet that you can find. Below are eight tips for you to use when you want to know that you are making the best carpet choices.

Eight Tips For Choosing The Best Carpets
1. Pick a color that you like. Make sure that the color of the carpet is something that is going to please you for a long time to come.

2. Choose a more neutral color if you can’t decide what you like best. By picking something that goes with anything, you will have carpets that are going to please you fora long time to come.

3. Pick a color that goes with the look of the room. If you want the walls painted a bright pink, then would it be best to have the carpets white? Or if the walls are a light color, then would it be best for the carpets to be dark?

4. Pick the texture that is most pleasing to you. The look isn’t all that matters, and you should pick a texture that feels great.

5. Pick out carpets that will last. Make sure that you choose wisely, so that you can keep the carpets for years to come.

6. Choose the kind of carpet based on the room. Flat carpets might be appropriate if you know that they are going to be getting a lot of wear and tear. Pick the carpets specifically for each room, and they will make you happy.

7. Pick something that will draw attention. If you want the carpet to be the star of the room, then pick out a carpet that you can feel proud of. Pick out something that will make everyone say “wow” when they step into the room.

8. Make sure that you are happy with your decision. That is the most important thing that you can do, and you should make sure before making the final decision that you are pleased with how the carpets look and how they will make your home appear.

There are many things for you to take into consideration as you are picking out the carpets for your home, and as long as you are careful to decide on the right kind, you should be pleased with how they look once they have been put in.