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Having a clean carpet is about more than just keeping your home beautiful. It’s also about keeping your family healthy. Dust mites in the home have been shown to contribute to breathing problems. Most people don’t even know they are sharing their living space with these microscopic critters. Vacuuming alone isn’t enough to reduce your dust mite population. The best way to get rid of these creatures is with professional carpet cleaning services.

Dust mites feed off your dead skin cells and survive in your rugs for months. They also leave feces everywhere and lay hundreds of eggs. When they die, their carcasses are left behind to accumulate. Because eggs are continuously laid and hatched, the cycle will never end unless you do something about it.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Can Help

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A professional carpet cleaning service uses special methods and machinery to remove allergens from your carpet. The extraction method heats the water up hot enough to cut through tough grime and kill most dust mites. Once your carpet is cleaned, the water recovery system removes all the excess liquid to help your carpet dry as quickly as possible.

Your home shouldn’t simply be clean. The air should be easy to breathe. Regular carpet cleaning by a professional will ensure your carpet is free from common allergens and contaminants that can harm your family.

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