10 Things You Should Clean in your Home Before Christmas Arrives



Christmas is just around the corner guys. Which means that you need to start cleaning up your home. We are not talking about just some simple dusting and you are done. No. We are talking about doing some major cleaning. Below you will find a list of 10 spots that you need to attend to before putting up the tree and awaiting Christmas time, as well as your guests.

1) Time to remove the clutter. Is there a room where you pile everything up? Everyone has one? Clean it out. You will need the space for the holidays. (Flooring Help)

2) Do those pesky house repairs. You will probably have certain areas which need tweaking. Leaky faucet? Leaky pipes? Take the time to clean it out and have it fixed. Your home will run much more smoothly during the holidays if you do.

3) You will need to have your home childproofed. You will probably have guests with small children at some point. Remove all hazardous chemicals and unknowns.

4) Are you going to have some guests stay over? Many of you probably will. How long has it been since you used the spare room? It’s time to have it cleaned out. Clean it out from top to bottom. If you have time to decorate it, then do so. Your best bet is to get it cleaned up, so that it looks like an actual spare room.

5) Do some of the main cooking ahead of time. Which means you will have to clean up some of your cooking equipment ahead of time. It’s going to save you lots of time, trust us. Do you really want to spend your holidays in the kitchen, instead of with your guests and friends?

6) Clean your windows. Use a squeegee. It’s going to be your best tool for fighting off the grim. Clean left to right and top to bottom.

7) Time to clean the gutters. Yes, this is usually a fall task. However, with the holidays approaching, you can’t really take any chances. You will want to have clean pipes and water, especially for those of you intending to have house guests.

8) Tend to your lawn. You want your lawn to look pretty for the holidays, right? Well it’s time to pretty it up.

9) Drain the outside faucets and sewage areas. This will cause less of a fuss later on.

10) Time to get your heating system up and running. If it already is, you need to make sure it’s working properly. The holidays are going to bring cold weather. Your guests will thank you for it later.