5 Habits for a Cleaner Home!



It is scientifically proven that people who sit in clean, organized environments tend to feel calmer and generally more at peace than people who baste in clutter and disorganization. Doctors have literally proven that something as simple as cleaning your kitchen can provide a sense of peace to the inhabitants of the home. I’ll be the first to admit that having a perfectly clean home is not always the easiest task to achieve, yet, with a few changes in habit, you will literally be able to easily keep your house nearly spotless while never spending more than 10 minutes of cleaning any room at any one time. Isn’t greatly increasing the quality of your life something that you deserve? Here are five habits you can easily implement for a cleaner home.

Do your laundry, one load at a time

Take the time to wash at least one load of laundry per day. Depending on how many people you live with, something as simple as going a short time without doing laundry will eventually leave you swamped with multiple baskets of dirty laundry that will take hours to handle if you save your laundry to be washed once a week. Best to take the edge off a potentially disastrous situation by washing the quick load of laundry at your nearest convenience. Every little bit helps.

Own several, portable, cordless, full-sized vacuum cleaners

When you have a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner conveniently located near high traffic rooms in your house, something like picking up a vacuum to clean a high traffic rug or carpet becomes a two-minute task, saving your self and your house a world of future filth.

Tidy up nightly

It is important that you address issues as they arise because as effortless as it is to clutter your home is as easy as it is to clean your home, when done passively and periodically throughout the day. Keep in mind that simple things like folding away blankets or cleaning left over dishes in the sink, or that left over clutter on your coffee table gives you one less responsibility for tomorrow.

Take off your shoes

You work eight hours a day, five days a week so that you can provide a beautiful home for your family, don’t you think it’s a little counterproductive to put your rugs at danger of being ruined with the dirt, grass, moisture and soil that you/your family and loved ones will inevitably track into your carpets while wearing shoes? Make sure that your family and friends take their shoes off before they enter your house if the life expectancy of your rugs is at all an issue.

Wipe down all sinks

One of the smartest and effective ways one can implement to quickly improve the cleanliness of their home is wiping down their bathroom sinks daily with a simple disinfectant. Even something as simple as a Lysol disinfectant wipe on key places of your bathroom passively, as small messes are made can work wonders to prevent common bathroom buildups, like globs of toothpaste or makeup spills on sinks.


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