5 Habits for a Cleaner Home


Some families think that keeping a home with children, parents and pets clean is a pipe dream. That isn’t so. Many families are able to keep their homes clean every day. But it takes planning, commitment and teamwork. The following are 5 steps any family can take that will leave their home looking good every day no matter how many people and pets live there.Manage ClutterClutter is the enemy of a clean home. It makes cleaning up difficult and time consuming. Eliminating clutter immediately makes a home look cleaner and makes it easier to clean. One simple way to manage clutter is to have a cardboard box stashed in the garage or a closet into which items that are no longer needed are placed. When the box is full it can be given to an organization that gives them to the less fortunate.

Clean Messes Right Away

Messes happen in every home, even clean ones. The major difference is that in clean homes those messes are cleaned up right away. It’s a lot easier to clean up spills as soon as they occur and not let them dry and stick to counters, tabletops and floors. This keeps the place looking clean and eliminates the need to have to soak the area and use cleaning products and lots of elbow grease later.

Leave Shoes At The Door

People’s shoes can bring lots of dirt, mud, snow, leaves and other types of trash into a home. They can also track in E.coli and other bacteria that can contaminate the house. This can be particularly dangerous when there are toddlers crawling and rolling on the floor. Simply taking shoes off as soon as you walk in the door you can keep your house cleaner and protect your loved ones.

Do A Load Each Day

Dirty clothes and dishes can pile up quickly and make your home look messy. If you get in the habit of washing the dishes and doing a load of laundry once a day it will keep the home looking much cleaner that if you let it pile up until the weekend.  More Info: http://cefloorcare.com/

Have The Entire Family Help

When the whole family works together it’s a lot easier to keep your home clean. When adults clean up after themselves and teach their children to do the same thing then it becomes a lot easier to keep the house clean.