5 Strategies to Make Oriental Rugs Last Longer


Oriental rugs are made of heavy textile in oriental countries for the purpose of selling, using or exporting. These beautiful rugs have become so popular that they have spread all over the world. People use them for various purposes whether it is to provide warmth or make the floor attractive. If you have an oriental rug in a home with friends kids and pets; it is challenging to keep the rug clean and make it last longer. Here are some of the strategies you can employ if you want your rugs to stay longer.

1) Vacuuming frequently
Daily activities make it obvious that dirt and dust particles accumulate on your oriental rug. Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the dirt and the dust particles. It removes dirt that would otherwise have settled in the rug fiber. Contact us as we are always ready to vacuum your rug and make it look new each and every day.

2) Stain removal
The staining of oriental rugs in homes is inevitable. The challenge many people face is how to remove the stain when tampering with the rug. You are warned against using home remedies for stain removal as it may cause discoloration. Our professional rug cleaners can easily be reached if you need stain removal through spot cleaning.

3) Flooded rugs
You may accidentally flood your rug. For smaller rugs you can just take them out and let the sunlight dry them. Bigger rugs need vacuum cleaners and after that hair dryers. It is however better to use our technicians to wash and dry the rug for several days. This will get you the best results.

4) Cleaning the rug
Considering the fact that the Oriental rug is rich in natural lanolin; it is good not to interfere with the natural protection. It is therefore advisable to avoid moth proofing or dry cleaning. An oriental carpet sweeper is also recommended to clean the rug each week. Most of the older rugs should be hand washed or tumbled by our professional oriental rug cleaners every five years.

5) Furniture
The furniture you are using with the antique rug might be the one that’s reducing its lifespan. To prevent the crushing of the rug’s pile use furniture cups. The furniture should be moved several times to prevent it from wearing out the oriental carpet. Heavy furniture should be avoided as they may tear the rugs. You can call us and we will be glad to help you match your furniture with the antique rugs.
A good, clean oriental rug always makes the house look attractive and welcoming to visitors. Our aim is to satisfy you so we hope that you will take time and reach us to help you keep your oriental rug tidy and long-lasting.