5 Things You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning


Carpet cleaning is not a luxury. It is an important part of owning carpets. Without it, homes are left with only vacuuming, which is like sweeping your hardwood and tile floors and never mopping them. When it comes time to decide if you want your carpets professionally cleaned, here are five things you must know.

Cleaner Carpets Mean a Healthier Family

Carpets are subject to spills, feet and pets every day, yet families come into intimate contact with them regularly. Babies crawl around and parents sit with their children on carpets. Up to 90% of people even confess to eating food they’ve dropped on their carpet. It is not fun to imagine what germs can lurk deep in the fibers of carpets, including allergens that can trigger stuffy noses or worse. Thankfully, a professional cleaning disinfects, removes stains and deep cleans to reduce the presence of allergens.

Cleaning Helps Carpets Last Longer

Cleaning at least once a year helps prevent carpeting problems, such as mold and staining, from happening. Your carpets will still be prone to the usual wear and tear, but that too can be prevented. Put down area rugs in high traffic areas, and rearrange your furniture periodically. Your carpet won’t last as long as the Pazyryk carpet, which is the oldest in the world at 2,000 years in age, but you will get your money’s worth from your carpet by keeping it cleaner.

Proper Cleaning Makes Your Home’s Air Quality Better

Inefficient cleaning can stir up all of the dust mites, fur and bacteria hiding in your carpet. This is why so many people with allergies sneeze when they vacuum or sweep carpet. Professional cleaning involves moisture and strong suction. It pulls the contaminants out of the carpet without releasing them into the air.

Carpets Can Store Up to Four Times Their Weight in Dirt

Carpets are exceptionally good at trapping dirt that even regularly vacuuming cannot reach. At a certain point, it’s not much different from sitting on the ground outside. Regular professional cleaning prevents this build-up from happening. A few ways to prevent it between cleanings is to wipe your pets’ feet, remove shoes before entering carpeted areas and vacuum heavily trafficked areas about twice a week. Vacuum all carpet at least once a week.

Professional Cleaning Will Make Your Carpet Look Brighter

One thing that dirt does a really good job of is discoloring everything it touches. This is even true for the specks of dirt you can’t really see in your carpet. Light dust and dirt can dull the color of your carpet, making it look darker, duller or older than it is. Professional cleaning can make your carpet brighter by removing the particles that are making the color dingy.